Wide mountain bike handlebars. Pink bicycle accessories.

Wide Mountain Bike Handlebars

wide mountain bike handlebars

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wide mountain bike handlebars - Mountain: Portraits

Mountain: Portraits of High Places

Mountain: Portraits of High Places

An inspiring collection of evocative images collected by lifelong mountaineer Sandy Hill, who has a singular knowledge, understanding, and experience of the world’s highest places. Powerful, beautiful, wild, sublime, and forbidding, the world’s summits are often considered the last real frontier. Mountain is a luxuriously illustrated celebration of mountains and of the sense of wonder and awe that the sight of this geography can evoke. In this stunning collection of photographs and art, the very personal relationship that people have with mountains is conveyed in exceptional images from around the world. Spanning two centuries, this book contains rarely seen images from such legendary nature photographers as Galen Rowell, Peter Beard, Ansel Adams, and Frank Smythe and photographs taken by daring mountaineers who celebrate the beauty, wonder, and spectacle of the heights, making this a unique and spectacular tribute to the mountains of the world. A portion of the book’s proceeds go to the American Alpine Club Library.

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Sunday. 2pm. Brian and I rode the Mandeville Fire Road today, more for exercise than anything else, I got bored towards the end of the downhill and decided to speed things up a bit. Going into one of the widest turns at the bottom I realized I had a clear area to swing out wide after the turn, meaning I could really turn on the juice. At the apex of the turn my front tire slide out a tiny bit and I over-corrected. I flew over my handlebars and went skidding on the gravel and dirt a distance of roughly 15 feet. My front rim was bent, and the front shifter shattered. I have road rash on my right shoulder, left flank, left ass-cheek, and right knee, and my left elbow is missing two or three small chunks. My helmet, gloves, and Camelbak took the brunt of the impact.

I stopped at the Emergency Room on the way home to get my elbow sewn up. Minutes into sitting down I watched a tiny, gaunt, and pale little old woman complain to the armed guard that she'd "been there 3 hours and was just going to go home and die." I said to hell with it, left and got some tacos. Photos: Emerson. Gut: Kutner.

Saluki inside the Mountain Hardwear Ghisallo 1 Tent during S24O

Saluki inside the Mountain Hardwear Ghisallo 1 Tent during S24O

The Saluki inside the bike-specific vestibule. A tight fit - especially if you're running wide handlebars and platform pedals. One of the pedals had to push into the tent screen and I bumped it a few times getting in the tent. Overall, it's nice to have the bike protected and virtually undetectable.

wide mountain bike handlebars

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